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You have found the home of The Purple Blood of Castile, a clan on the massively multiplayer game RuneScape. This clan was founded by Captain Fred and its purpose is to become one of the most respected and slightly feared clans on RuneScape. To become a member put Captain Fred into your Friends List and begin talking to him. He will decide if you are worthy and of noble blood. You will need some key possessions to become a member and those ingredients are listed in the Membership Section. At sporadic times members of The Purple Blood of Castile can be found in the largest house building East of the garden in Falador. (It's the place where all the empty buildings are. Go to the largest one.) Good Luck!

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All diplomatic matters are preferred to be handled on RuneScape, however you may contact us by e-mail by sending e-mail to: purplebloodofcastile@yahoo.com

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