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To join The Purple Blood of Castile you must do a few things.

1. Add Captain Fred to your friends list and request membership.

2. You must obtain and always wear a purple cape.

*Information will not be given on how to get one. You need to do this yourself. BUT if you ask Captain Fred for a cape he will give you one. (It just won't be purple.)Consider this as a small quest you need to complete to join. :)

3. No one with a combat level below 25 will be allowed into The Purple Blood of Castile. Unless, of course, they somehow prove themselves worthy.

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*Upon request Captain Fred will supply you with FREE full iron and an iron weapon of your choice if you belong to The Purple Blood of Castile. Other HIGHER (addy, mith, etc.) items might be given to you as a reward OR as clan members get higher in smithing ranks. Also, upon request, you can receive FREE food (currently up to redberry pie), but you must join and request what you want.